Case Studies


Montefiore's legal department processes thousands of contracts each year for its large healthcare enterprise. The current contract management system was slow and soon to be unsupported and couldn't handle more volume. Montefiore required a company that could furnish a new cloud-based solution and also had the expertise to convert old images and data. The system had to be very intuitive so that staff could ramp up to speed quickly with minimal IT support. Additional requirements included OCR, audit logs and extensive search and reporting capabilities. After sending out an RFP and reviewing a number of systems, Montefiore selected Genestor as its vendor for contract management. After signing, the old system was completely converted and the legal department was live on the new Genestor system within 6 weeks. years ago Trinitas Hospital faced a major problem. An old Cerner lab system that was being maintained for access to critical blood bank data needed to be relocated. The hospital IT staff was hesitant to move the fragile system and had insufficient support for the aging hardware. Working with CIO, Judy Comitto, and Blood Bank Director, Kathy Strotz, Genestor came up with a solution to transfer the Cerner information to Genestor’s eDocNet document management system. Trinitas Hospital now has full access and search capabilities to all previous reports via a secure Web application. Based on just the Cerner support fees alone, the return on investment from the project was realized within one year. Trinitas Hospital is now saving, on a continuing basis, over $2,000 per month in support fees. Portnoy, L.L.C is a full service collection law firm based in Princeton, N.J., with the ability to provide a wide variety of collection, receivable and billing functions. Schacter Portnoy’s use of the latest technologies allows the company to operate as an extension of clients’ business offices. As a result, the team is able to handle all collection and receivable matters from initial claim submission to legal action and recovery. As business expanded, Schacter Portnoy needed to automate its extensive data collection process and effectively manage report distribution. Genestor created an SQL-based interface for the legacy Collection Master® system, enabling Schacter Portnoy to automate the capture of patient and financial information. Where previously reports were printed and mailed, now, using the reporting function of GenCloud, users can automatically create and generate this information. These reports are then sent to the Genestor eDocNet system where clients can remotely and securely login and view or print their own reports. Before these solutions were in place, several employees were required to perform data entry and report distribution functions; now it is totally automated, freeing employees to focus directly on the collection process.